4/12: O’s (6-0) @ Red Sox (3-3) 

In the words of Joe Angel, hello again baseball fans. Another day, another dreary cloudy morning, but another day of Orioles baseball on tap. There is rain in the forecast, pretty much all day today in Boston, however, there is slight clearing expected around 5-6pm tonight. It should remain cloudy, and in the 50's for … Continue reading 4/12: O’s (6-0) @ Red Sox (3-3) 


Orioles beat Red Sox, 9-6, move to 6-0.

This will be my first stab at doing a blog on either a pregame, or a post game report regarding our beloved Baltimore Orioles. Forgive me if I come off informal sometimes. So the Orioles started Spring Training on March 1, and did not win their first game until March 12, and they stink. They … Continue reading Orioles beat Red Sox, 9-6, move to 6-0.