This ones for me

Almost two months to the day have gone by without me publishing a blog entry. This, after saying I was going to publish a new entry every day. Hey, I had a 17-day streak there to start the year. That’s better than a lot of hitting streaks you see in the majors. 

I am a part-time college student, and a full-time employee in the healthcare industry. I have been in a long-term relationship with a great girl for six-and-a-half years, and have a colossal infatuation with the game of baseball; more specifically, the Orioles. I haven’t been able to juggle everything though, and that’s led to me de-railing, and losing my roots. 

I have been out of touch with the blogging community, with focusing on the game, and with keeping a proper balance between the above mentioned life events. It’s gotten to the point to where the breaking point was reached last evening on Twitter, and some colorful tweets were unleashed.

You missed it? That’s okay, it wasn’t important anyway.

I’ve tried to take a step back today and re-capture the chemical needed to keep my balance even with my relationship, school, work, and baseball.

I have a dream of becoming a sports writer, following a baseball team (preferably the Orioles but I’m aware things don’t always work out that way), and having a successful life. It all starts with my education. I have to put a bigger focus on my homework, in order to obtain that piece of paper showing I’ve completed the required courses to major in Communications. Then, it comes down to me working harder in my profession to continue to pay those bills. 

Hey, without this iPhone being paid, this blog doesn’t exist.

In the meantime, my blog thoughts on the Orioles help get me through rough times. As strange as that sounds, they take me to another place. Bringing them back in my life on a routine basis will be what help me get my groove back.

So, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll write. 

It probably won’t be everyday, like I’d like, but it will be more frequent, and they’ll be the best I can make them. I’m not writing for views on my site, and I’m not posting click-bait. I’m writing to keep my head straight, and continue to work towards my dream.

And that’s the first blog entry in almost two months. A small one that doesn’t replicate my previous 17 posts in any manor, but man that felt good.


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