Deadline: Passed

The 2016 Major League Baseball trade deadline has now passed, and the Baltimore Orioles made just one move.

As noted last evening, the Orioles traded left handed Triple-A prospect Ariel Miranda to the Seattle Mariners in exchange for lefty Wade Miley.

This wasn’t exactly the move that some Orioles fans wanted to see, however, it does give the O’s starting rotation a southpaw for the first time this season.

While many fans wanted to see the Orioles acquire names like Boone Logan, Yasiel Puig, or even Chris Sale, the trade deadline came, and passed, without the mention of any other names being linked to Baltimore.

Instead, the only name that was mentioned today to possibly be a good fit for the Orioles was left hander Hunter Cervenka, from the Braves.


Well, Cervenka has pitched in 47 games this season for the Braves, and has a 3.41 ERA. Oh yeah, he’s a left handed pitcher. Also, in 31.2 innings pitched, Cervenka has only allowed 2 HR’s. Not to mention, he’s a left handed pitcher. It would be nice to acquire another lefty for the bullpen considering their last left handed “specialist” was just released by the Cubs.

So with the deadline passing, this doesn’t mean that the Orioles won’t make a move. Technically the trade deadline is for non-waiver trades.

Incase you didn’t know, a player can be traded after the deadline, but must be placed on waivers. As Roch Kubatko reported, the O’s have made plenty of deals in August.

They acquired Alejandro De Aza in 2014, Michael Morse in 2013, Joe Saunders in 2012, and Pedro Strop in 2011.

UPDATE: Steve Pearce is on his way back to Baltimore.

In a last minute trade, the Orioles traded minor league catcher Jonah Heim, to the Rays for Steve Pearce.

Pearce is batting .309 this year through 60 games, and has 10 HR’s.

This is Pearce’s third stint with the Orioles. He was with them for 28 games in 2012, and 238 games through 2013-2015. Pearce was a free agent, signed by the Rays in the offseason.


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