We Love Them, but Why?

We’ve all been in conversations discussing the Orioles and at some point have uttered those four words that we’re not ashamed of, “I love this team.” In certain situations it can be difficult to admit your feelings; for instance admitting you like, or even love, a particular person. However, when it comes down to expressing such devotion to your preferred baseball team, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 for fans to say they love the Orioles; possibly even easier!

Why don’t we hesitate in letting the world know that we are in love with a baseball team? What reasons do we have to be content with allowing anyone and everyone to know that we have a strong passion for a baseball team that, when looking at the bigger picture, is only around for six months out of the year, and plays for three hours (generally) every night.

Here’s an “official statement” I made when the Orioles were ousted from the 2014 ALCS:


If you read this from an outsiders perspective, you have to think to yourself what is this guy in love with that team? My answer to that question, is yes.

Looking back, I have been an Orioles fan for as long as I can remember, which dates back at least 25 years. From the days of me as a child, to now, the Orioles have been that passion for me that was mentioned above. Even though they were god awful from 1998-2011, I stuck with the team, knowing someday they would be back on top. From kids in the neighborhood making fun of me because I wore an Orioles visor all day, everyday, to seemingly supporting a lost cause for the entire 2000 decade, I have always been able to say I’ll never turn my back on them.

I think the roots of the passion for me stem from my family. My dad (rest in peace, Pop) was a HUGE Orioles fan, and I learned it all from him. He was the one that taught me about Orioles Magic. He told me about how good of a manager Earl Weaver was, and how incredible it was to see the Orioles have four 20-game winners in the same season. I wish he were here to see the teams that have been fielded from 2012-present.


For me, the Orioles have pretty much been my distraction from the hard times in life, and my go to when I needed something to do when I was a kid. It was easy for me to just hit the number 11 bus from southwest Baltimore City, and take it straight down Washington Boulevard, to Pratt, and walk to Camden Yards from there.

No matter what language you speak, and no matter what nationality you are, the Orioles always seem to bring everybody together.

Some fans don’t have the same views, and opinions, and that is quite alright. There are fans out there that don’t consider themselves “die-hard”, and there isn’t a thing wrong with feeling that way. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a casual fan, but what I want to know, is why do you “die-hard” fans say you love the Orioles?

I want to discuss this topic with you die-hard Orioles fans. Drop me a comment below, or tweet me (@b_pinter23) and let me know why you have a special place in your heart for the Baltimore Orioles.





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