Looking Ahead: On The Road

The Orioles have played 29 games on the road so far this season, as opposed to 35 at home. Not to the surprise of anybody, their record is much better at Camden Yards (24-11 compared to 13-16). We all know that it’s a tough challenge to win on the road, but for the Orioles, they’ll be entering a stretch of games here shortly that may, or may not be as tough of a challenge to overcome.

The O’s finish up their series at Fenway Park tonight, and come back home for Toronto, then fly to Texas to play the game originally scheduled for April 17, that was postponed due to rain. From that point they’ll fly back to Baltimore to welcome the Padres for two, and the Rays for four. After the Rays game on Sunday the 26th, that’s when we hit the road.

The next 24 days will feature 16 road games, an all-star break, and a combined 21 days away from Camden Yards. Sandwiched in between a 24-day stretch from June 28, to July 22, is a small 3-game series at home against the Angels.

The remainder of those 3 weeks feature games against the Padres, Mariners, Dodgers, Rays, and the last place Yankees. I had to sneak that in there. Without trying to tell the future, the majority of those games should be winnable, even away from Camden Yards. Three of those teams are struggling this year, and are at the bottom of their division. The other two are just barely hanging on to better than .500 records. Now of course, a lot could change in the next week. Teams could get hot, win a few in a row, and gain a full head of steam. On the other side of the spectrum, teams could tank, and their season could really be lost. Either way, you can only generalize what records will look like in 12 days.

For the Orioles, we know that stretch of 21 days on the road (including the All-Star Break) could very well define the remainder of their season. With very winnable games ahead, the O’s will look to put together some lengthy winning streaks, and put the Red Sox behind them for good. After all, it was on July 5 in 2014 when the O’s took over first place, and never looked back.

If we want to see scenes like this one in 2016…

…We’re going to need the pitchers to step it up, especially over this next month, and the offense can not afford to go cold for an extended stretch. A trade for a top notch starter is a must at this point to better this club’s chances of winning the division, and making a deep run into the playoffs.

The time away from home will be rough, however, it could very well play out in our favor when it comes to August, and our Orioles are leading the division by a sizeable margin, and on their way to their second division championship in 3 years.


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  1. Perhaps I’m reading the opening of this artticle wrong, or missing somethong, but his article was written on 6/16 and from beginning of season through 6/16, the Orioles have played 30 games on the road and 35 at home. Not the 19 games on the road mentioned in this article. Confused


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