Friday Free for All: First Round Draft Picks

Last night, in the first round of the 2016 Amateur Draft, the Orioles selected 20 year old right handed pitcher, Cody Sedlock, out of Illinois. The 6 foot 4, 210 pound starting pitcher looks to make a name for himself, working his way up in the Orioles organization. One of the few stats I’ve seen on this guy is he has a fast ball that tops out about 95-96, and he throws a slider, and a curveball. Sedlock has a change up that is in development. 

With that first round pick, I’d like to take a look back at some of the Orioles previous first round picks. Let’s start in 1999, but I won’t highlight all 7 picks from that year. 

  • ’99 – Larry Bigbie
  • ’99 – Brian Roberts
  • ’00 – Beau Hale
  • ’00 – Tripper Johnson
  • ’01 – Mike Fontenot
  • ’02 – Adam Loewen
  • ’03 – Nick Markakis
  • ’04 – Wade Townsend
  • ’05 – Brandon Snyder
  • ’06 – Pedro Beato
  • ’07 – Matt Wieters
  • ’08 – Brian Matusz
  • ’09 – Matthew Hobgood
  • ’10 – Manny Machado
  • ’11 – Dylan Bundy
  • ’12 – Kevin Gausman
  • ’13 – Josh Hart
  • ’15 – DJ Stewart
  • ’15 – Ryan Mountcastle

Now out of those names, I think it’s safe to say maybe 9 have made a name for themselves. Some good, some…. well yeah.

Cody Sedlock now joins that list of 19 ball players that go through the Orioles organization, and try to play well enough to don an orange Orioles alternate Saturday jersey. 

If history shows any sign of repitition, the Orioles hope that Sedlock will pitch well enough to hit the majors in 2-3 years. Matt Wieters, drafted in 2007, hit the bigs in 2009. Manny Machado, drafted in 2010, came up in 2012. Kevin Gausman, drafted in 2012, debuted in 2013, so he was ahead of schedule. 

Here’s to a healthy future for Sedlock, and wishing him all the success with the Orioles!


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