Highlight From The Fight

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, you’ve heard about Manny Machado charging the mound after Yordano Ventura hit him with a (what appeared to be dead on) 99-mph fastball. Ventura stated, “coming into the day, my plan was fastballs inside and breaking balls down in the dirt, and one got away”. Ok, Yordano, stick to that story if you want. Nobody believes you anyway. 

Here’s some of the better photos I’ve seen on Twitter, and Facebook:

Some of those are downright hilarious, and unfortunately I take no credit for these masterpieces! 

Here’s the video just incase you still haven’t seen it:

…and here’s Manny’s post game conference, note how he has no remorse:

It’s about time somebody stood up for themselves against Ventura. The Royals have tried to trade him,  and they obviously did not back him last night. That was apparent after his catcher pretty much stood back and allowed Machado to charge right out to the mound. 

It’s unfortunate Manny Machado will undoubtedly be facing a suspension, and his consecutive game streak will be halted, but at the same time, as Manny said, “we’re grown men out here handling the our business”, and the business was certainly handled. 


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