Monday Morning BP: Bases Loaded

Good morning Birdland!

I’m going to be starting daily segments, with different segments everyday. Today, Monday, I introduce, Monday Morning BP. With this segment, I’m going to post about a topic from the previous day’s game, and I want to hear from you, and all of your opinions. 

In yesterday’s 3-1 victory over the Yankees, the Orioles had the bases loaded three seperate times, and only cashed in on the situation one time, the final time, in the 8th inning. Sure, that was all we needed, but let’s be real, when you leave the bases loaded without any runs multiple times in a game, something is wrong. 

Is it our lack of small ball? The small ball would move runners over, and may not lead to bases loaded situations anyway. Is it lack of patience? Do you swing on 2-0, or 2-1, or try to work a walk to push runners over?

Tell me Birdland, you’re in the batters box, you see a runner on each bag… What’s going through your mind? What do you try to do? Do you honestly go up there hacking at the first fastball you see, or do you take a few pitches? Do you try to go opposite field, or try to drive in 4 runs with one swing?

Shoot me a comment on Facebook, tweet me on Twitter, or leave a response here.


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