Orioles Wins Up, Attendance Still Down

So the Orioles moved back into first place, via percentage points, last night by beating the New York Yankees, 6-5. It was an amazing come from behind effort, and the 25,220 fans in attendance at Oriole Park at Camden Yards were treated to some fine baseball, as they have been for the entire year in Baltimore. So far this season, the Orioles have played 30 games at home, and have an outstanding record of 20-10. So with the O’s playing good ball at home, the weather being warmer, and the team in first place, why are we having issues getting butts with orange shirts in the seats?


Oriole Park at Camden Yards ranks 9th, out of 15 teams this season in attendance, and has drawn in a total of 707,781 fans as 6/4/16. Surely some of the nightly promotions have assisted in drawing fans in, such as fireworks night (5/13), and who could forget the tote giveaway (5/7), and mother’s day scarf (5/8). But even with those giveaways, coupled with student nights, and an American Flag O’s t-shirt giveaway on Memorial Day, attendance is still down.


Sure, April was a rough, and wet month. There were 12 home games scheduled, and 6 of those games, the high temperature didn’t get out of the 50’s. There were also a lot of grey, wet, damp nights. I still can’t understand why fans weren’t in the seats. If it were October 14th, and the O’s had an ALCS matchup at home, at 8:05, and the temperature was supposed to be 45 degrees, and windy, I can guarantee you every seat would be sold out. I know the difference is an early April game, versus a crazy postseason matchup, but in my opinion, EVERY game matters, as it should in October, so there is really no excuse as to why O’s fans can’t pack the yard every night.

Instead, we’re treated with scenes like this…


Every team has a following, I’m aware, and I know Baltimore isn’t a terribly long 95 south for Red Sox, and Yankees fans, but you don’t hear Fenway Park, or Yankee Stadium breaking out in loud Let’s Go O’s chants, do you?

I’d love to hear your reasons Birdland as to why you think our attendance is down, and if you think that now that we’re in the summer months, if the ballpark will gain more fans on a nightly basis.

Tweet me back at @b_pinter23 or head on over to the forum at Baltimore Sports Life, sign up, and discuss with me.


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