Highlighting the Orioles Offense

The Orioles offense returned to its mashing form last night, and powered out 7 home runs off of Red Sox pitching. I have to correct myself, as I stated last night the Orioles have hit 7 few times this year, I misspoke. It just seems natural to state we’ve mashed 7 home runs multiple times, however, last night was the first time this season the O’s hit that many homers in a game. 

Speaking of home runs, when the Orioles hit the long ball in a game, 4 or more to be precise, they do not lose. Here’s a list of games the Orioles have hit 4 or more homers in a game:

  • 7 HR on 6/2 vs. Boston
  • 6 HR on 5/8 vs. Oakland
  • 5 HR on 4/15 vs. Texas 
  • 4 HR on 4/8 vs. Tampa Bay
  • 4 HR on 5/11 vs. Minnesota
  • 4 HR on 5/14 vs. Detroit
  • 4 HR on 5/20 vs. LA Angels

All of those games are W’s. 

62 HR’s have come against right handed pitching, while the O’s have a slash line of .269/.332/.463. 

Not only do the Orioles win when they hit 4 or more homers in a game, if they touch the double digit total in the hit column, they are 17-4. That’s just the way it’s supposed to be. You’re not supposed to lose if you have 10 or more hits. 

We’re all hoping the offense doesn’t go cold again for some time. Let’s be real, we’ll hit more slumps, we’ll cool off again, but we just made it through a stretch where we went 4-7 in 11 games and we still have 30 wins, and are only 1 game out of first place. 

That’s Orioles Magic right there. 


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