Emotion on the Field: Why is it frowned upon?

Good morning readers! Normally I would post a blog recap after every Orioles game, but I was not feeling any blogs last night. See Wednesday nights are tough to blog due to my softball league, and the times of the games, either 6:30 or 8:30. Once I get home, depending on the outcome of the game, (normally a loss), I won’t post any type of blog.

The Orioles won, by the way, 13-9.

That’s not what this blog is about though. Last night, through 7 at-bats for me, I managed 1 basehit up the middle, while also registering my first career whiff, and popping out 5 times. Sure, it’s recreational softball and we don’t get compensation for our efforts, but I love the game, and no matter if it’s Rec league or big league, I’m going to give it my all.

Now with that abismal batting performance in your head, visualize me, in my final at-bat of the night, with a chance to tie the game, popping out to the shortstop. As soon as the ball left the bat, that bat was slammed so hard into the ground it rolled up the first baseline. Not cool. Especially because that’s a $350+ bat, and not mine. Oh, and after that one I also picked up my second warning from the umpire in two weeks.

Last week, I had a head first slide into second, knew I was safe, but the ump called me out. I called BS…literally. He didn’t like that. Normally I don’t get hyped towards the umpire, but I know if there is a blown call, I’m going to let you know. It’s kind of like the Nick Markakis effect.

In my opinion, there isn’t anything wrong with showing some emotion on the field. If you’re passionate enough about the game, and have that desire to win, and hate seeing your team lose, why wouldn’t you show some sort of emotion out there on the field? Why are players frowned upon for showing a smile, or cheering for a great play or big hit? There’s a line that you don’t cross when it comes to the type of emotion to be shown though.

So I ask you baseball/softball fans, what’s your take on showing emotion on the field? Should players show more, or is being stone faced on the diamond good enough.

Drop me a comment here on the blog, or tweet me back on Twitter at @b_pinter23.


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