Right for Dylan, to be still-in ‘pen?

Given the struggles of our 3, 4, and 5 pitchers, I have seen the question asked numerous times on Twitter, “why don’t they start Bundy?”

Let’s get something out there right now, Buck Showalter is not going to move Dylan Bundy into the rotation anytime before the calendar says September. It’s just not going to happen. Yovani Gallardo is set to have his first  of two rehab starts tomorrow, and he will more than like replace either Tyler Wilson, or Mike Wright in the rotation.

Let’s take a look at Dylan Bundy in 2016:

  • 30 hits given up
  • 21 innings pitched
  • 15 appearances
  • 11 earned runs
  • 10 strikeouts
  • 8 walks

Nothing really stands out to me for the Orioles first round draft pick back in the 2011 amateur draft. What does stand out is that Bundy is still a pitcher that had Tommy John surgery in 2013, and was shut down in 2015 when he developed calcification in the back of his throwing shoulder. Honestly, I don’t see Buck Showalter throwing him in the rotation, and giving him a leash of 100 pitches. Like I said, when September comes around, there may be a possibility, depending on a few variables.

The Orioles would have to be either out of playoff contention, or so far ahead in the division that they could lose 20 of 25 and still lead by 10 games. Case and point, it’s not going to happen.

There is a very, very high risk, and low reward for a pitcher who was signed 5 years ago, gone through numerous injuries in his young career, and who is out of options. For Bundy, it may be best to keep him right where he’s at.

Dylan Bundy 2016 Stats


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