A knuckleball so dirty, not even your cleanup bat can handle it. 

Just saw the guys over at brobible talk about Steven Wright’s knuckleball from earlier today, and this is the perfect time to put my input out there about it. Let me just tell you, I’ve never physically see a knuckleball outside of the softball pitches I see that are floaters, but from seeing that thing thrown today, I have no honest opinion on how anybody can touch it.

Just by watching this quick clip you see how Chris Davis looked ridiculous trying to find this pitch, it makes you wonder how any of the Orioles managed to touch it. Batter after batter there were crazy floating pitches coming in, with the end results being a lot of whiffs. Five different Orioles struck out, with our biggest bats, Davis, and Trumbo going down twice.

I define a knuckleball as, “a pitch that can start at your eye balls, float around, and eventually finish low and away out of the strike zone”.

Oh, it’s only a pitch delivered between 59-70 mph? That’s crazy easy to smash. Wrong. Even though it is the slowest of baseball pitches, you literally have to wait until the final split second to decide if you should swing, or let it go, in hopes of it not being called a strike. A lot of the time, I can assure you, you’ll guess wrong. How these things are thrown are an anomaly in itself…

..Comfortable, right? Dig your fingers into the stitches, and practically hold it with your knuckles, while releasing it with a guiding, floating motion. It’s a wonder why every major league pitcher doesn’t throw it.

Seeing a floating pitch come at you, where there is no rotation on the ball is incredibly challenging to keep up with, and think I personally would much rather face a Randy Johnson, or Aroldis Chapman style pitcher. Throw me a 100 mph fastball, at least I’d whiff at that faster than I would a 59 mph knuckleball.


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