A late-May battle for first

There’s no way I start this post off by saying, happy Memorial Day. Today is a day of remembrance, to think back on all of the men and women who gave their lives for us to be able to read, and post blogs like this. Today, we thank those still serving in the United States Armed Forces, and who continue to day in, and day out, make the ultimate sacrifice so we can remain a free society.

For the next four days, the Boston Red Sox (30-20) will be in Baltimore, and I hope that Orioles fans all over this state will fill up the yard. I heard rumblings yesterday on Twitter that there were already Red Sox fans in Baltimore, as they try to take back “Fenway South”. In the past 5 seasons (2016 included), we’ve seen a decrease of those annoying Bahstin Red Sawks fans at the yard, and that’s due to the surge of winning Baltimore baseball making it’s return. Let’s not get back to the dark years, to where the ENTIRE stadium was chanting “Let’s go Red Sox”. Let’s not get back to where if an Orioles batter hits a home run, the ball gets thrown back out onto the field.

Tyler Wilson needs to get it together, string some outs, and work quickly, in order to get a W today. The Red Sox lead the league in hits, doubles, triples, and average (.295), so this game is either going to go one of two ways. Either T Willy is going to get through 4 innings, while allowing 2-3 runs, and turn it over to the bullpen, or he will last 2 innings, while giving up 7 runs. Of course, we’re all hoping for the former, and want to see Tyler pick up his 3rd win on the season.

For the Orioles (28-20), the offense returns home, to where they have a 17-8 record, and have a run differential of +17. Today is not going to be a day where the offense gets stifled, and as a matter of fact, this entire series would be the wrong time for the offense to stall. The O’s don’t need to split this series, however, I’m sure there are people out there that would be happy with that. If the Orioles want to find themselves in first place, to begin June, they need to take this series, by winning 3 of the 4. This division series means a lot, a lot more than what it meant back in the second week of April. I assure you, with the offense fire power we have, there should be no reason we don’t score 5+ runs, per game.


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