This Isn’t The End

Good morning, on the verge of afternoon Orioles fans! Let’s see, we just lost our 4th game in a row last night so maybe it’s not that good of a day to be honest. 

Listen I know this is horrid, considering this team (so far) has held 2, 7-game winning streaks, but I promise you Birdland, this is not the end of the season. You’d be surprised at how many negative tweets I saw last night, and honestly I had one of my own…

Okay maybe that wasn’t the only negative tweet I had last night, but come on how can we my be frustrated with this clubs performance over the last 3 nights? Seriously when you go into a 3-game set against a last place team, you expect to at least win the series. Instead, we got swept out of Houston, and now are looking up at Boston, 2 games ahead of us in the American League East standings. 

The results from these past 3 games are brutal to say the least, with the offense striking out a ridiculous 52 times throughout he 3 games, while batting an abismal .203. The club that is expected to mash homers also, only hit 3 in total, and managed to score a total of 6 runs. 

With those terrible offensive numbers, the Orioles are now riding a 4-game losing streak, for the first time this season. In comparison though, the 2015 club rode two 4-game, three 5-game, and two 6-game losing streaks, and their first set of losing 4 in a row started on April 20 against Toronto. 

With a fresh start coming tonight in Cleveland, the Orioles need to get off to a hot start, and not look back. The Indians are riding a 3-game winning streak into tonight, and they are going to do everything in their power to move 6 games over .500. They should most definitely be petrified of an Orioles ball club that hasn’t won since Saturday night, and that is itching to start smacking the ball all around again. 

The Orioles are for real this year, and even though this is a rough patch, I assure you Orioles fans, there are still 117 games remaining, and plenty of time to find themselves back at the top of the division. They are going to need to get back to playing ball the way they have been prior to hitting this rough patch. Looking ahead after Cleveland, we face Boston for 3, and the Yankees make their first trip to OPACY for 3. Division games are coming up, and the striking out O’s need to go away in favor of the Baltimore Mashers we’ve seen in recent weeks. 


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