Human After All. Orioles now 7-1. 

Win Streak Snapped

I admit, it’s tough to swallow, considering we haven’t felt a loss since the end of September 2015. The fact of the matter is this, it doesn’t matter. Win streaks will always be snapped, and there’s never been an undefeated team in the majors, and never will be. Even the 1906 Cubs lost 36 games. I highlight this because they have the best winning percentage in history (.763 with 116 wins). It is disheartening that there’s that straight vertical line now in the loss column, however, baseball is a game of optimism. You lose on Wednesday, and you better believe we’re going to win on Thursday!

Starters Starting a Bad Trend

In tonight’s loss, Ubaldo Jiminez went 5 innings, allowing 4 runs on 6 hits while walking 4, and striking out 5. Not counting Opening Day (because that’s not fair), Orioles starters have gone more than 5 innings, just one time. That’s 6 of 7 starts of 5 innings or less. This needs to change otherwise there will be some might tired arms I the bullpen come July. I will highlight Tyler Wilson while briefly touching on the ‘pen. Tyler has thrown 6 shutout innings in this young season, and it’s safe to say he is another rock we have sitting out beyond the left centerfield wall. 

Baserunning Blunders

When I was a kid, my little league coaches taught me to never make the 3rd out, at 3rd base. Remember that Manny? Listen, I know the intention was good, and the shift to CD made it an even better idea, but it was a gamble, a big one in which you lost, and so did we. Now this is not the defining moment in the game that’s for sure, but a big momentum killer at that. JJ Hardy isn’t off the hook here either. I understand trying to stretch a single into a double, but not a double into a triple. Maybe if this were 10 years ago James. 

Offensive Highlights

Even with the blunder on the base paths, Manny Machado still collected 3 hits, extended his hit streak to 8 games, and pushed his average to .441. Chris Davis jacked a 358′ home run, a 2-run shot on a 3-0 count, to make 4 total for the year. Pedro Alvarez, who had seen Joe Kelly the most of any Oriole batter reached base 3 times, with 2 walks and a single. Not to mention extended my BTS HR streak to 5 games! Unfortunately, Joey Rickard didn’t collect a hot tonight so his hit streak ends at 7. Collectively, we left 10 men on base tonight, and it’s tough to win games leaving double digit runners aboard the base paths. 

So ultimately, the Orioles are now 7-1, and now we know what defeat tastes like in 2016. We got that out of the way, so let’s go to Texas and start a new streak. Hell I’ll take 7 out of 8 anytime!

Next up: @ Texas (4/14 @ 8:05)


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