4/14: O’s (7-1) @ Rangers (5-5)

Tillman Out To Start A New Streak

Tonight, the Orioles will try to start a new winning streak in Arlington, Texas, when they take on the 5-5 Texas Rangers ballclub. There’s another cloudy night on tap, but the difference from Boston is, it’ll be around 72 degrees for first pitch. Hense why we may see Adam Jones back in the lineup this evening. Chris Tillman has a lifetime ERA of 4.67 against Texas, and if he’s going to get in the win column tonight, he’s going to need to pitch better than that. We’re going to need Tillman to get deep into the game tonight. We can not continue to have our starters cop out after 5 innings, due to a high pitch count. Go after these Rangers hitters, and let the defense behind you field.

Rangers Win With Hammels Pitching

Straight forward, Texas does not lose when Cole Hammels takes the ball. They have not lost a game since August 7, 2015, when Cole starts. Over his career, the Orioles have only seen Hammels 3 times, and he has pitched to a 1-2 record, with a 4.29 ERA. The Orioles are going to need to be patient at the plate. The plate discipline is going to need to continue. Boston pitching allowed 14 walks over 3 games, and if the Orioles are going to chase Hammels, that will need to continue into this Texas series.

Power, Power, Power

The Orioles, as expected, are mashing the ball. They are tied for first place in home runs (14) with Houston, and Seattle. Through the first few games, the Orioles couldn’t buy a multi-run homer, but as of recently, each home run that has been hit has been a 2-run or 3-run shot. Everybody loves the ol’ Earl Weaver specials!

Quick Notes

  • Since 2012, the Orioles are an even 14-14 against Texas, which includes a 2012 Wildcard playoff victory, 5-1. In those 28 games though, the O’s have been outscored 141-117.
  • Mark Trumbo, .333 (4-12) 1 HR over the last 5 years vs. Hammels.
  • Matt Wieters, .333 (1-3) over the last 5 years vs. Hammels

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