Orioles beat Red Sox, 9-6, move to 6-0.

This will be my first stab at doing a blog on either a pregame, or a post game report regarding our beloved Baltimore Orioles. Forgive me if I come off informal sometimes. So the Orioles started Spring Training on March 1, and did not win their first game until March 12, and they stink. They finish their exhibition campaing with a record of 12-15, and they’ll be terrible in the regular season. There was so much uncertainty when it came to the pitching staff, even though we knew the offense would be there. So now here it is, one full week completed in the 2016 season, and the Orioles are, well, unbeaten. Attribute this to the starting pitching, in which they weren’t supposed to have. Today, came as a shock though as Yovani Gallardo gave up 5 runs, on 7 hits in a 5 inning outing. Yovani threw 96 pitches, 53 of which were strikes. No, it wasn’t the 1 run we are accustomed to seeing from an Orioles starter in 2016, and it wasn’t an 8-inning outing we’d like to see from our starters, however, it was just enough to get by. As always, our bullpen did not allow the opposing team to take the lead in the late innings, with TJ McFarland, and Zach Britton only giving up a run, Givens only giving up 1 hit, and Brach being, once again, lights out. When you look to the offense today, it’s no wonder that the Orioles lineup is sometimes classified as the “Taco Bell” lineup. There’s alot of runs that can be produced, and that’s about the best definition I can give you for that term. Take today, our pitchers gave up 7 runs, but we scored 9. What was that I heard about how the Orioles can only hit solo homers? Mark Trumbo got his first Orioles HR, a 3-run shot in the 3rd, and Crush Davis jacked his 3rd, a 449 foot, 3-run game changing bomb, in the 9th. Joey Rickard contributed with a hit, bumping his hit streak to 6-games, the first Oriole hitter to start his career with such a streak since Howie Clark in 2002. Manny Machado also bumped his hit streak to 6-games, with 2 hits in 3 official at-bats. I can go on and on, but I don’t want this to be too long and lose your attention. Ultimately, at the end of the day, Spring Training records mean absolutely nothing, and a team doesn’t make the playoffs in the first week of April. However, after 1 full week of Orioles baseball, how can you tell me it doesn’t feel good to be an Orioles fan? My next blogs, will be bigger game recaps, statistics, and opinions on a nightly basis. Stay tuned…


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